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ToolMod modular analog Console

The brand new ToolMod modular analog Console fills the gap between the ToolMod Pro Audio Modules and the ToolMix analog summing boxes. A range of modules allows configuring mixers with 16 groups, 8 auxiliaries, and a stereo master of any size - from an 19" mixer with 8 channels to a combination of several frames with an unlimited number of inputs. Mono, inline, and stereo input modules and a range of master modules are available.

The ToolMod Console is a line mixing system that can be completed with external pre amps, EQ's, and dynamics. The ToolMod Pro Audio Modules are best suited for this purpose but you can use any other outboard gear as well.

- here is first information on the ToolMod Console
- and here is the price list

ToolMod Pro Audio Modules

New webpages on the ToolMod Pro Audio Module System, including the affordable Stereo Mastering Modules as well as the M/S Processors are online now.

- here is a link to the new ToolMod Homepage,
- and here are the prices

V700 analog Audio Modules

The new V700 webpages are online now. The V700 system that is focussed on stereo mastering has been completed with some special modules for mastering applications, e. g.:

Bass Compressor & M/S Compressor

Stereo Peak Limiter with analog Delay and dynamic Release Time Modulation

M/S Matrix with Stereo Direction Controller, M/S Equalizer and elliptic EQ

M/S Stereo Equalizer adds 5 additional Bands to the W731m

a new Version of the Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor with additional Features

V700 Stem Mixing System
here is information on the V700 Stem Mixing System

here is a link to the new
V700 analog Audio Modules Homepage

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